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Do you want to upgrade Java?

No I fucking well do not I don’t want to upgrade anything.  I want my gawdamn computer to work the way it has always worked. I don’t want to log on and see a new user interface promising me an … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! Part 2

In which more personal experience of high strangeness is reviewed This was originally attached to my Part 1 post as an update on 29 September 2017, but best to make it stand alone. About time I got around to updating … Continue reading

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American Gun Laws and Mass Shootings

…and there is no possible way to make a joke here. Following on from the latest school shooting atrocity in the USA, I have been engaged in numerous polemics on various social media as the predictable – and wholly justifiable … Continue reading

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Anomalies – Part 2

They just keep getting better Apologies for the length of time between substantive posts, too much time enjoying the Canadian summer, the Hong Kong Autumn and a lot of heavy sailing and a nice Christmas at SDM, plus a sailing … Continue reading

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One Minute Movie Review: Peaky Blinders

Okay, so it’s a Series not a movie Trailer here I’ve watched the whole Sopranos series at least twice, same with Boardwalk Empire, and have been mulling over going back and watching them again. But that ain’t gonna happen while … Continue reading

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One Minute Movie Review

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again I watched this shivery, savory, slippery, updated, undead creature of the last night with great antici…. … pation, and it was, in a word fabulous, an absolute hoot from the opening scenes right through … Continue reading

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Victory at Ostrander Point!

Originally posted on CCSAGE Naturally Green:
Congratulations to Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and to their lawyer, Eric Gillespie, and his team. Fittingly, on the anniversary of D-Day the Environmental Review Panel found that the remedial measures proposed by Gilead…

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