One Minute Movie Review: Peaky Blinders

Okay, so it’s a Series not a movie
I’ve watched the whole Sopranos series at least twice, same with Boardwalk Empire, and have been mulling over going back and watching them again.
But that ain’t gonna happen while there are still episodes of this beauty that I haven’t seen, and re-seen.
Wow, a Black Country Tony and his boys and girls, waltzing along like a half-gypsy Nucky and his mad opponents, set in post WW1 Birmingham, England and environs. Vicious Belfast SIS Agents and Jewish gangsters with Cockney accents, IRA scum, Chinese hookers, stolen Lewis guns and rigged horse races, PTSD Tommies, beautiful undercover agents – in more ways than one, a bloody good Winston Churchill, even an appealing (if somewhat Sopranos derivative) music score… and that’s just in the first half of Season 1.
Enough, don’t waste any time reading my crap, go fire it up on Netflix right now. I’m going back to it now.

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