Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! Part 2

In which more personal experience of high strangeness is reviewed

This was originally attached to my Part 1 post as an update on 29 September 2017, but best to make it stand alone.

About time I got around to updating this, particularly as I had another experience in June this year.


This is the view from the Main Bar Terrace at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, one of my favourite spots on the planet to relax of an evening and sip a tasty beverage. And in fact, one of the new barmen, Marvid (yes, that’s his real name) makes the best straight-up triple-olive very dry (I take a 9 on the Marvid 1 to 10 dryness scale) double vodka martini that I have had since the last time my cousin-in-law shouted me and my at-the-time girlfriend dinner at Joe’s in Las Vegas. Here’s Marvelous Marvid the Magnificently Magical Martini Maker at work.

Result. You need to let it sit for a minute or so before sipping to let the flavour develop fully. And you need to beware your limit. These puppies bite. I can handle maximum 5 or maybe 8. After that it’s ‘Call me an Ambulance!!” (Answer – you’re an Ambulance).


But I digress.

The Terrace photo above shows the view out over the finish line of the regular summer Friday night Sunset Series races off of the RHKYC. Taken early June 2017 I think. You can see a couple of boats crossing the line in different directions, one of them probably finishing but I am not sure if it is the cruiser going upwind or the red spinnaker crossing in the other direction who was done. Can’t remember.

You can see the YC guys in the starters box on the left not paying a lot of attention (the Race Officer was in the box below them calling times and blowing the hooter), you can see the skyline of Kowloon to the North (pretty much due North) and in the distance, you can see the peak of Ma On Shan, just above and to the right of the white sloop crossing the line from left to right.

Here’s the same view in low cloud cover in early evening. Notice the lack of building light reflection on the clouds.20170707_193119

Here’s the same view a little bit later in the evening. Please also notice the lack of building glow on the clouds.


On the evening of 12th June 2017 Typhoon Merbok tracked straight into Hong Kong.


Not a big deal of a storm but an interesting track. nwp_1707

It hit Hong Kong just East of the city, made a hard right turn and then slid off to the Northeast and dissipated. Like someone (or something) turned off the switch.

I was out on the streets in Wanchai that night and some strange stuff was going on.

On the following night, 13 June 2015, some even stranger shit happened. Here’s a photo I took about 2000 hours on 13 June 2017 from the main bar terrace.


And another


Compare to the other evening photos. That’s right, there was an anomalous skyglow over Ma On Shan Country Park.

Not building lights. See previous photos. There was something sitting over Ma On Shan generating light.  A lot of people saw it. and I took photos. And then the weird shit really ratcheted up.

About 2130 hours, out on the terrace where I was contemplating the skyglow and thinking about maybe having only the second drink of the evening (I’d been staying mostly teatotal for reasons of my own), with about ten people scattered about the terrace, suddenly an apparently healthy rat appeared and scampered through the chairs and tables, producing a few, shall-we-say, ‘startled’ reactions from those of us observant and sober enough to see it. It disappeared down the walkway to the west.

Healthy rats don’t do that. They don’t come out when people are around. I asked the bar staff if anyone had reported any other rat sightings and… why yes!!’

A number of people enjoying the ambience on the new Main Deck area had reported rats frolicking about under their feet while they enjoyed their Marvid Martinis and sundry other delights. I saw another one later as I was leaving (leaped out of a trash can with a gawdawful bang) and all told that makes a total of five rat reports while people were around. Unheard of. Animals often display strange behaviour in the presence of UAPs, or AAPs or UFOs or… whatever was responsible for the light over Ma On Shan.

Here’s the new Main Deck BTW.

20170526_202437Despite all the grumbling over the expense and the disruption, the result is truly magnificent and, although I hate to say it, it looks like the General Committee sure got this one right. F & B Revenue up 30% and that was just the first month. But I digress once more.

There was other strange stuff going on that night – my cheapo Casio G-shock sailing watch was acting up, light flashing on and off, time changing randomly (the Rolex is in the shop – note to self – do not accidentally drop the Rolex on the cut granite floors of the new change rooms. Note to GenCom – how about installing some valuables baskets inside the new locker doors so no one else gets their Rolex rooted). My phone did two things that were so weird I hesitate to describe them. Yes, me, Lord Dubin of KI, the Wizard of Weird, is gonna keep these to himself. That’s highly anomalous right there.

Another anomalous report came in a few days later. A friend of mine, a former Commodore, who I spoke to the following week and to whom I described the skyglow and the rats, commented “that’s odd, Sunday as I was sailing East out of the Harbour on the way to Hebe Haven I counted at least 15 dead rats in the harbour”. Something sure put the fear of God into the local rat population. Did they drown in the typhoon? Nah, it was pretty mild, not that much rain and rats swim well and get to high ground when they need to.

I also did the MUFON thing. Got onto the HK Observatory to start with (they have the thankless task of collecting UFO reports in town although they don’t investigate). They sat up and listened when I described the rat behaviour and confirmed no anomalous radiation readings. Unfortunately they don’t monitor magnetic anomalies. I’ll come back to that. They also confirmed that their automated weather station on the top of Ma On Shan does not have powerful lights that would explain the skyglow.

I also wrote to the cops, Civil Aviation, Marine Department, Agriculture, Conservation and Fisheries (responsible for reports on animals), plus three Universities who I asked whether they might have magnetometer readings over the period the anomalous skyglow was observed.

All of the Government Departments have gotten back to me. No pilot reports or radar anomalies from CAD, nothing strange from MarDep (I asked about reports of compass deflection), no reports of unusual animal behaviour around Ma On Shan from AFCD, the cops wrote me last week (three months later) to tell me they were referring the case to the Tsuen Wan Division. None of the three Universities have bothered to reply to date. Not surprising as no professional academic would ever touch the subject with a ten foot pole (or even – old joke – a nine foot Ukrainian).

So what have I got? Just a couple more things.

When I got home in the early hours of June 14, severely shaken by the skyglow, the rats and with having had to deal with an unprovoked assault at RHKYC (happens to me with unfortunate regularity due to my – largely self-promoted – reputation as a tough guy and a constant stream of unpleasant slanders whispered by a certain ex-wife), I had another strange observation.

A small compass in my flat was pointing at about 110 degrees, instead of North (this is part of why I asked MarDep about any reports of strange compass readings from ships).

And then there was this.


That is a jade bangle cut from near gem quality Imperial jade. Inside it are two white-board magnets back to back. This is what normally happens when I spin the magnets. They wind up pointing North-South with the green bit pointed North. Not sure why this works but jade has magnetic properties beyond my ken.

In the early hours of June 14, about 0200, and yes I was sober (more or less), I came in and spun the magnets. Perfect spin, then the green bit slammed into the bangle with an audible clang pointing at 110 degrees. I did it again, same result. I looked at the compass. Pointing at 110 degrees instead of North.

A couple of days later, I decided to see what lay on a course of 110 degrees from Ma On Shan. Nothing – no land for 19,000 km. Then this. Northern coast of Chile near the Atacama Desert.

UFO track 2017 06 14

And so what does that tell me? Like much of my life, I don’t know.

But consider what I saw (and T photographed) in in 2015 at SDM in Ontario:


And consider the Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) video released by the Chilean Air Force after an encounter in November 2014? If you can’t stand to read Leslie Kean’s article here is a direct link to the video. Bear in mind this is FLIR. The darker it is the hotter and brighter it is in normal view. Here’s a screengrab in negative (ie normal light) view. In this view the white bits are hot.


Coincidence? What the hell do I know? Not much.

Finally, on 14 June 2017 I was called into the General Manager’s office at RHKYC to explain the assault I had been subjected to the night before and which I reported immediately to the GM and the Commodore. During the interview I turned around and looked at the back corner of the GMs office and saw this.

Well! WTF do I know? This is a Feng Shui water feature ornament and strangely enough it is aligned on an absolutely straight line through the corner of the terrace where I had been watching the skyglow the night before, to Ma On Shan where the skyglow appeared.   When I explained, and stopped freaking out, the GM asked me Ian do you think that thing attracts UFOs?”

I was honest, as always… “Yes!”.



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