Welcome!!  You’ve found my personal blog

Since I am an opinionated old fart it seems appropriate to me to have someplace where I can express my views on matters that concern me, interest me or amuse me.

Plus, being retired, I have plenty of time on my hands to get up on my electronic soapbox and pontificate. And it’s a darn sight cheaper to do it here than at the pub. plus less chance of getting bopped in the shnoz if I piss someone off (a not infrequent occurrence).

It’s my blog and I will fill it up with anything I want.

So here you’ll find stuff about sailing, the environment, political rants, book reviews, guns, UFOs, climate change and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Comments gratefully received, although I may pay no attention to them. If you don’t like it that’s your prerogative. And don’t mind the odd expletive please. I’m a yachty. We say fuck a lot.

Latest post is at the upper right.

Hope you  enjoy it.

Dubes L