One Minute Movie Review

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again


I watched this shivery, savory, slippery, updated, undead creature of the last night with great antici….

… pation, and it was, in a word fabulous, an absolute hoot from the opening scenes right through to inevitable tragic conclusion, in many ways and many scenes a slick improvement on the original (not a replacement)!

Full of heaps of subtle new jokes (watch Brad after he shakes hands with Ralph at the wedding) with all of the old favorites reprised (and often deftly respun), the musical performances are outstanding (particularly the delectable Usherette in the new opening movie theater scene).

Laverne Cox as the mad Dr. Frank and Janet and Eddie, Magenta and Columbia are all outstanding – and as pointed out in the full review in the link below, this 21st C Riff-Raff appears to be channelling Richard O’brien, the original ‘faithful handyman’. It was somewhat sad, but in some ways exhilarating to watch Tim Curry gamely fighting the effects of his 2013 stroke as the Criminologist.

Dr Scott was, in my view, an improvement on the original. Rocky was just as beautiful and buff, confused and afraid and altogether fascinating as he used to be, although like the reviewer below, I wasn’t keen on the gold gangsta shorts.

One of the best touches was the theater audience, throwing toilet rolls and holding newspapers over their head, as my friends and I used to do back in the day. (Harrumph) youth today though, all goth and can’t be bothered to dress as their favorites, like we did.

My only real issue with it was that Laverne Cox, while she has Frank’s voice and mannerisms absolutely perfect (Oh Rocky!) is just too damn straight katooey sexy, too feminine, a slightly jarring and not altogether welcome departure from Curry’s confused and vulnerable sexuality, whatever it was. Of course, in 1975, a sweet transexual, transvestite Transylvanian, was pretty shocking, as opposed to today’s fully PC transgender version.

Not to be missed. The next time I see this I want to be sitting up there in the back row alongside that usherette. Woof. Maybe I can drag her up on the dance floor for a little time warping of my own.

A fairly balanced review here

And my favorite: Is this great? Or what???
First reader to identify the famous actor playing the projectionist gets a free BBQ dinner at SDM (of course you’ve got to get to SDM to collect).

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