Every other idiot has a blog. Why not me?


The following started out as a short biography for a BBC pitch on doing a documentary on the search for Captain Kidd’s Treasure. I liked it then and I like it even more now with fairly extensive additions and since it is my recreational blog, meant to be fun, even if egotistical or weird or requiring a large grain of salt or whatever… here’s a bit about the author:

Canadian slash Hongkie slash wannabe Brit Ian Dubin AKA ‘Lord Dubin of Kellett Island’, who loves to talk about himself in the third person, is widely credited (or blamed) as the man who kept the Royal in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club through the 1997 Handover (“It was a team effort”).

BATTLE ROYALAs the first to speak out about the craven campaign to abandon the Royal Title, he had his Andy Warhol ’15 minutes, interviewed on the BBC, French and New Zealand television, slagged off by the correspondent for ‘The Times’ and even quoted in Time Magazine.

He proudly showed that to his Mother.

“Harrumph”, she said “a brawl in a bar”.

A year or so after the Handover he was honored for that effort (“Honoured is too strong a word. Perhaps ’embarrassed’ was more in line with the organisers’ intent”).

99 lord dubin Why did a Canadian get so involved? Well, somebody had to do it and he  had been Marching for the Queen for over 30 years at the time.

FHG 71That’s the 1971 Fort Henry Guard Drill Squad (at least the right wing of it) and that’s the future Lord Dubin with his Snider-Enfield at the ‘ready’ between the Colour Sergeant bearing the Great Union Flag and the guy who is at ‘present’ and about to fire. But he digresses.

As a post-graduate Geologist and Civil Engineer after several years in Toronto and points North, he enjoyed a 25 year career with the Hong Kong Civil Service, retiring in 2004. Along the way he acquired a Law degree as well as numerous professional qualifications from Hong Kong, Canada and the UK.

He’s not just a pretty face.

He has published widely on technical topics ranging from Geology, Geotechnics, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Law, through popular topics including sailing and golf with the odd bit of fiction and poetry (“some of it very odd”).


An accomplished sportsman, martial artist, photographer, mariner and marksman, he is a veteran Ocean Racer with tens of thousands of sailing miles at sea and a wide circle of contacts in Asia.

Dubn Pirate 1991He is an expert dowser, a Reiki Master and a committed Freemason. He has been investigating anomalies for decades, was the first Hong Kong Country Representative for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and is an accredited MUFON Field Investigator.On a more prosaic and down to earth note, he is lucky and proud to have been accorded the opportunity to help shape the development of Hong Kong and the region through his geotechnical and environmental work in that fabulous city.


For the five years from 2008 to 2013 he sat as an invited member of the Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum, advising City Council in Kingston, Ontario on Environmental Issues.

In 2013 after seven years in the wilderness he managed to escape from the Not-So-Great White North for the second time and return to the greatest city on this or (as far as he knows) any other planet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe continues to sail every chance he gets, to drink too much vodka and eat too many prawns at Po Toi,  to investigate and write on environmental issues, to try to provide sensible advice on scientific matters to anyone who will listen, to comment on public decision making and when no one is looking too closely, to scan the skies for UFOs, explore other interesting anomalies and think about life, often through a glass darkly. He is still working on the hunt for Captain Kidd’s Treasure with old friend Charles (Chas from Tas) Blundell and Juliet (Fruity) Prentice.


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