Book Review – After Disclosure

Nice crystal Ball Work Lads
By Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel

An interesting speculation on the question of what will happen to our civilization after ‘Disclosure’ happens – that is – after it is openly acknowledged by our civil authorities, our governments, our media and military leaders that there is an ongoing presence on this planet comprising extraterrestrial beings of unknown origin. To wit, what will happen after the President of the United States announces to the world (probably on a Friday evening just after the Markets have closed) that some UFOs are alien spacecraft and that the US Government has been hiding the truth for (to date) nearly 7 decades.The book is well thought out, well researched and is in my view a noble attempt to predict the unpredictable – an event which will be the greatest ‘Black Swan’ in the (known) history of the world.

Richard Dolan, a historian who studied at Oxford and who was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, is well known to those interested in the UFO phenomenon. His two groundbreaking volumes ‘UFOs and the National Security State’ have exhaustively chronicled the undeniable reality of the UFO phenomenon and the ‘Cosmic Watergate’ cover-up that has remained in place since 1947.

Bryce Zabel is a former investigative journalist and Hollywood writer and producer who, amongst other shows, wrote and produced the NBC miniseries ‘Dark Skies’ – a fictionalized (and highly entertaining) account of the events that transpired in the years following the Roswell crash.

If you are looking for the one book to read which chronicles and summarizes the overwhelming evidence demonstrating the reality of some UFOs as ASCs (alien spacecraft) – this is not it. That book might be either one of Mr. Dolan’s earlier works noted above or perhaps Timothy Good’s ‘Above Top Secret’ published in 1989 and therefore somewhat dated. Once Mr. Good has whetted your appetite however, you could freshen up the subject to date with Ms. Leslie Kean’s 2011 book  ‘UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record’, (reviewed elsewhere in this blog) or perhaps former Eisenhower Administration National Security Council member, Colonel Philip Corso’s memoir ‘The Day After Roswell’.

Don’t have the time or inclination to read any of these? Go to You Tube and watch `Out of the Blue’ or `The Day Before Disclosure‘, two of the best recent serious documentaries on the subject.Whichever route you take to personal awareness, once you have got your head around the irrefutable fact of an unknown and probably alien presence alongside us (or above us or underneath us or… somewhere) on our little blue planet, Dolan and Zabel’s book is a pretty good read.

After a very brief review of the incontrovertible facts of the phenomenon and the cover up thereof, they go on to boldly attempt to analyse the secondary questions – who are they – what is on their agenda – are we safe? They look at the legal, political and cultural impacts that may eventuate AD (After Disclosure): the potential effects on science, art, economy, medicine, culture, anthropology, religion, our daily lives – it’s a long and thorough list, even so far as to what Letterman and Leno might make of it.

Even if some of the predictions and conclusions eventually (and inevitably) turn out to be wrong there is enough meat to this bone to make for a satisfying intellectual nosh.

Personally, I would have preferred a little more specific advice about the economic impacts – where to be positioned in the markets when this news eventually breaks? I think I will probably want to be short Boeing and the rest of the aviation industry. Likewise big oil. I suspect my Sturm-Ruger and Smith and Wesson stock will do very well in the days immediately AD.

A touch disjointed towards the end perhaps in the exo-political discussions and I wish they had found a better proofreader for my First Edition – there are some annoying typos that break the thread. Nonetheless, this is well worth a read once you get your head around the big picture.


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